People with disabilities, along with their families and friends engage in many different activities: travel, shop, eat, exercise, just like everyone else. However, there are some features of catering spaces and processes that may cause problems for people who use a wheelchair: doorways may be too narrow, dining tables may be too low, serving counters may be too high. Food is a basic need of all people, but these barriers make eating process difficult, sometimes impossible, for people with disabilities.
Treating all the people who come to your restaurant or canteen with individual respect and courtesy is at the heart of excellent customer service.
Here are some ways you can provide better service to your customers with disabilities: 
Easy access of food, cutlery, plates
Ergonomic heights of self-service surfaces
We have developed electric height adjustable serving counters that help people with disabilities to enjoy dining process. The height of work surface may be easily adjusted by pressing Up & Down buttons. The counters may be equipped with wheels, bain-maries, cold basins, refrigerated or heated tops, dispensers for plates, cutlery, cups and so on. They are perfectly suitable for breakfast, lunch / dinner areas in hotels, restaurants, canteens etc.
By providing service that welcomes people with disabilities, you can offer better service to everyone.