1. Applicability of terms

The general terms apply to all orders, except written exceptions. These general terms are being accepted by confirming the order.

2. Validity of quotations

a. Offers are valid for 30 days unless otherwise clearly stated in the individual quotation. Not responsible for misprints.

b. Proforma is a written agreement regarding product specifications, prices, quantities, lead time and delivery conditions. It must be confirmed within 2 working days since issuing, otherwise the lead time might be changed. The new delivery date will be adjusted due to the nominal capacity of the production.

c. The drawings must be confirmed within 2 working days, otherwise the lead time may be changed. The new delivery date will be adjusted taking in account the nominal capacity of production.

d. The confirmed Proforma and drawings are considered as the final documents for release to production.

e. If there are any changes after confirmation of Proforma and drawings, the lead time might be changed or extra costs might be applied.

3. Cancellations

If the order is cancelled after confirmation of Proforma and drawings, the cancelled product will be charged in full and a new product release will be considered as a new order.

4. Payment conditions

Payment conditions are provided in the invoice. If the customer fails to arrange a payment within the agreed-upon time frame, the overdue invoice with 0.05% interest per day of unpaid amount will be issued. The violation of payment conditions might cause legal action or a refusal to extend further credit.

5. Storage terms

The produced goods are shipped on the agreed date. In case of postponing the shipment, the storage cost might be applied.

6. Retention of title

The producer shall retain title in all products sold until the final payment is made in full, including transportation and packing costs.

7. Packing

If the customer has any special packaging requirements, the written agreement must be made, otherwise the goods are packed in producer’s standard packaging.

8. Freight cost compensation

The producer undertakes to compensate the freight cost if shipment amount exceeds minimal agreed shipment amount and the goods are delivered to the customer stock address. Otherwise, if order amount is less than agreed amount or delivered to other address or specific delivery date required, then extra freight cost might be applied.

9. Transport damages

The goods must be carefully inspected upon receiving. If any transport damage is found, it must be clearly indicated in all copies of CMR. Otherwise, neither the producer nor the carrier is taking a responsibility for transport damage.

10. Warranty terms

The producer provides a warranty for all the products against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 1 year from the date of invoicing of the product. The producer undertakes to replace all inferior parts with proper quality parts or materials. In case of a fault, a properly filled claim is required and must contain all essential information relative to the fault. The producer does not take any responsibility for damages that occur due to improper maintenance, mechanical damages, improper installation, incorrect voltage supply, wear of normal usage or accidental breakage. The warranty does not cover natural disaster damage or if the repair service was made by unauthorized staff. Possible warranty cases:

a. Customer mistake – all extra costs are paid by the customer.

b. Producer mistake – the producer manufactures and ships the component or product for free. Alternatively, the producer can give an agreed discount as a compensation for customer’s inconvenience.

c. Mutual mistake – the extra costs are shared with the customer 50/50 or other compensation method is agreed.